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If you're serious about your photography and your digital-darkroom skills aren’t every bit as strong as your camera-skills, you’re in trouble!

If you’re a professional photographer I don’t need to spend a whole lot of time telling you how important it is that you master the digital-darkroom these days… that should be a given.

If you’re selling photos online you should already know that photo-buyers expect ‘drop-able images‘ … digital images they can drop straight into their layouts, as-is, no-editing required.

The smallest imperfection can make online photo-buyers look elsewhere.

If you’re selling images to offline Clients, it’s even more important that the images you present to your Clients are absolute stunners. Flat-lifeless images either don’t sell at all, or worse, leave you with disappointed Clients who won’t ever come back.

Even if you’re a purist who’s always done everything in-camera up until now, it’s extremely unlikely your captured images will ever be fully print-ready without a little work. Even images for screen display are going to need some tweaking… no matter how good your camera skills are.

Bottom line, if you’re capturing digital images, you’d better get good with Photoshop!


It’s a set of 20 over-the-shoulder screencast tutorials, where professional Portrait Photographer John Silks shows you step-by-step how he processes his images. He covers the key Photoshop tools and how to use them, the essential fixes & corrections, and all the special tweaks that make his Clients so happy with the final result!



The best tutorials on Photoshop that I’ve seen! I use capture one pro which has a very simple workflow and unbelievable image quality and noise control. I use Photoshop for portrait retouching mainly for clone and healing brushes and I don’t know much more than that so great to find clear instructions on layers and selections. The price was amazing as well. Thanks…

David Lord – Altona Beach Photography

I must say that for me this is the saviour to using Photoshop. Too many people I know assume that because I’m into computers and Photography that I must know a lot about Photoshop. Well until I started these tutorials I hated Photoshop. It was this big scary monster. A monster I couldn’t understand and therefore couldn’t come to grips with.

Now, after having only done up to lesson 3 I feel a lot more comfortable with it. It’s no longer a monster. Still scary though. OK. Not scary just intimidating. I have now saved the lessons to my computer and am sure I’ll refer back to them many times. Thank you very much for all of this.

Peter King


Have a look at everything you'll learn in this comprehensive training package...


Photoshop Video Tutorials Volume 1

1. Tools A Photographer Uses – Part 1

  1. Move Tool
  2. Rectangular Marquee Tool
  3. Elliptical Marquee Tool
  4. Lasso Tool
  5. Polygonal Lasso Tool
  6. Magnetic Lasso Tool
  7. Magic Wand Tool
  8. Quick Selection Tool

2. Tools A Photographer Uses – Part 2

  1. Crop Tool
  2. Eyedropper Tool
  3. Color Sampler Tool
  4. Spot Healing Brush
  5. Healing Brush
  6. Patch Tool
  7. Red Eye Tool
  8. Brush Tool
  9. Clone Stamp
  10. History Brush

3. Tools A Photographer Uses Part 3

  1. Eraser Tool
  2. Gradient Tool
  3. Blur Tool
  4. Smudge Tool
  5. Dodge Tool
  6. Burn Tool
  7. Sponge Tool
  8. Horizontal Type Tool
  9. Vertical Type Tool

4. Recognizing And Using Photoshop Pallets

  1. Tool Pallet
  2. Image Pallet
  3. Layers Pallet
  4. History Pallet
  5. Actions Pallet
  6. Character Pallet
  7. Paragraph Pallet
  8. Brush Pallet
  9. Brush Presets Pallet
  10. Info Pallet
  11. Navigate Pallet
  12. Histogram Pallet
  13. Mini Bridge Pallet
  14. Color Pallet
  15. Swatches Pallet
  16. Adjustments Pallet

5. How To Make Adjustments In Photoshop Part 1

  1. How To Use Levels Adjustment Layer
  2. How To Use Curves Adjustment Layer
  3. How To Use Exposure Adjustment Layer
  4. How To Use Vibrancy Adjustment Layer
  5. How To Use Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

6. How To Make Adjustments In Photoshop Part 2

  1. How To Use Black And White Adjustment Layer
  2. How To Use Color Balance Adjustment Layer
  3. How To Use Photo Filter Adjustment Layer
  4. How To Use Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer
  5. How To Use Posterize Adjustment Layer
  6. How To Use Selective Color Adjustment Layer

7. Adobe Camera Raw Part 1

  1. Know Why To Use RAW
  2. How To Use Mini Bridge To Open Raw Image In ACR
  3. Understand The Color Of Light
  4. How To Use White Balance Card To Set White Balance
  5. How To Use Built In Settings For White Balance
  6. How To Manually Adjust White Balance
  7. How To Syncronize RAW Image Settings

8. Adobe Camera Raw Part 2

  1. How To Adjust Exposure Of A RAW Image
  2. Understanding RGB Color Level Numbers
  3. How To Use Recovery Adjustment
  4. How To Use Fill Light Adjustment
  5. How To Use Blacks Adjustment
  6. How To Use Contrast Adjustment
  7. How To Use Clarity Adjustment
  8. How To Use Vibrancy Adjustment
  9. How To Use Saturation Adjustment
  10. How To Use Sharpening Adjustment
  11. How To Use Noise Reduction Adjustment
  12. Processing RAW Images Into Photoshop

9. Using Layers In Photoshop

  1. How To Stack Multiple Images Using Layers
  2. How To Hide Layers
  3. Use Move Tool To Perfectly Position Similar Layers
  4. How To Create A Layer Mask
  5. How To Brush In A Layer Mask
  6. Use The Channel Pallet To View Your Layer Mask
  7. How To Add A Vibrancy Layer And Use Clipping Mask

10. Creating Gradients And Vignettes

  1. How To Add A Solid Color Layer To Make The Sky Bluer
  2. How To Use Gradient Tool Within A Layer Mask
  3. How To Use Elliptical Marquee Tool For Vignetting
  4. How To Add Feathering To Elliptical Marquee Tool
  5. How To Use The Fill Command Within A Layer Mask
  6. How To Create A Vignette In An Image
  7. How To Flatten An Image
  8. How To Adjust Crop Settings
  9. How To Crop The Final Image

Photoshop Video Tutorials Volume 2

11: Retouching Facial Blemishes – Part 1

  1. Using Spot Healing Tool
  2. Using Healing Tool
  3. Using Clone Tool
  4. Know Which Healing Tool To Use For The Job

12: Retouching Facial Blemishes – Part 2

  1. Using Patch Tool To Remove Blemishes
  2. Patch Tool With Destination Setting
  3. Patch Tool With Source Setting
  4. How To Remove Bags From Under The Eyes
  5. Use Layers To Reduce Effect To Make Retouching Look More Real

13: Smoothing The Skin

  1. Duplicate Layers
  2. Turn A Layer Off
  3. Use Lasso Tool To Select An Area
  4. Create A Layer Mask From A Selection
  5. Use Brush Tool To Edit A Layer Mask
  6. Use Gaussian Blur To Smooth Skin
  7. Special Preview Of The Portraiture Plug In Filter

14: Adding Punch With Curves And Saturation

  1. Add A Curves Layer
  2. Create An S-Curve To Add Contrast
  3. Change Layer Blending Properties
  4. Use Opacity To Create The Perfect Look
  5. Boost Color Saturation With Hue/Saturation Layer
  6. Use Sponge Tool To Brush In Saturation To The Background

15: Creating Beautiful Eyes

  1. Use History Brush To Brighten The Eyes
  2. Change The Eyes To Any Color You Want!

16: Darken Lips And Eyelashes

  1. How To Use History Brush To Darken Lips
  2. Use Layers To Reduce The Impact And Get That Perfect Level
  3. Use The History Brush To Darken Eyelashes

17: Whiten Teeth

  1. Simple Technique To Get The Yellow Out Of Any Set Of Teeth

18: Finishing Touches For Printing Prep

  1. How To Use The Liquify Tool To Slim Down The Subject
  2. How To Use The Liquify Tool Without Slowing Down Your Computer
  3. My Secret Tool Setting That Will Help Anyone Have Better Results With The Liquify Tool
  4. Use Clone Tool To Repair Any Background Distortion

19: Weight Loss The Easy Way

  1. How To Use The Liquify Tool To Slim Down The Subject
  2. How To Use The Liquify Tool Without Slowing Down Your Computer
  3. My Secret Tool Setting That Will Help Anyone Have Better Results With The Liquify Tool
  4. Use Clone Tool To Repair Any Background Distortion

20: Turn Any Portrait Into An Artistic Blend

  1. Use Layer Blending Properties To Add Artistic Feel To A Portrait
  2. Remove Texture From Critical Areas Without Losing The Feel Of The Blended Color
  3. How To Use Layer Mask To Perfect A Mask Selection Effect

You can see from that list, that this is a super-practical course.

It’s not a collection of special effects and weird tricks you’ll never use.

It’s not a long-winded theoretical lecture.

Instead, it’s a series of short concise demonstrations that you can follow along with while you watch, to master the exact tasks you need to make your photos buyer-ready.

Most of the Photoshop tutorials are about 4-5 minutes, so even if you watch it once, then do it yourself with the video running, you can MASTER the process for life in 10 minutes or less!

This package contains the two complete Photoshop Video Tutorials that are usually sold for $47 on our dedicated membership site, but we’re making them available to you today as a download package for a fraction of that cost.

We’re also giving you the exact digital image files that are used in the tutorials, so you can follow along and repeat each step for yourself until you get it perfect.

So there’s no need for a hard-sell here …

If You Need To Master Photoshop

You Won't Find A Faster or Easier Way


But I’m going to make it even better...


So you can easily see by now this is a fantastic training system
with an awesome bonus, but I’m going to make it even better by
letting you try the whole package for yourself...




OK, so what’s it all going to cost you?

Well we think this is an area where a lot of photographers can use some help, so we’re doing our best to keep it affordable and accessible to everyone who needs it.For now, we’re keeping the price at $67 $47$ 27 just $7 for both Photoshop Video Tutorials volumes 1 and 2… so you get all 20 videos, plus the 942 Photoshop Actions package, plus the 101 Photoshop Power User Tips package.

Whether you’re a seasoned user who just wants to get a bit more out of Photoshop, or a raw beginner who’s totally confused and frustrated by the software, you can’t go wrong at this price...

Just click the button below and we’ll direct you to the secure PayPal website to make your payment. After that you’ll be shown straight to the videos where you can get started immediately...


Please note: these tutorials were recorded in CS5. The information and instructions can easily be applied to ANY version of Photoshop... and most other photo editors too... but this package is no longer the cutting edge training we first offered, so we're slashing the price to just $7

I figure the bonuses alone are worth way more than that, so this makes it a great value training package, no matter what photo editor you currently use!

This is a limited-time offer though... only until we get an updated version of the package recorded with the latest version of Photoshop. That will be listed here at the original retail price of $97, so consider this your chance to grab the same training at an amazing 90% discount!


Photoshop For Photographers

I do hope I’ve made this a no-brainer for you, so if you want this fantastic package at this amazing price, click the button above to grab your copy now!


Matt Brading

PS. You’ll also get a copy of each of the images used in the tutorials, so you can do the exact same process yourself, while you’re watching the master-at-work! This can make a real difference when you’re learning the finer adjustments and corrections.

PPS. Still here? Check below for more feedback and some FAQs, or else grab your copy of the Photoshop For Photographers Video Tutorials before we come to our senses and put the price back up!

Photoshop For Photographers




  1. The best tutorials on Photoshop that I’ve seen. I use capture one pro which has a very simple workflow and unbelievable image quality and noise control. I use Photoshop for portrait retouching mainly for clone and healing brushes and I don’t know much more than that so great to find clear instructions on layers and selections.

    The price was amazing as well. Thanks…

  2. I haven’t watched all training videos yet, but I have seen at least half of them. They are short, to the point and easy to follow.

    The presenters speak clearly and know their way around Photoshop very well. I was very happy with my purchase and I have used some of the knowledge already.

  3. Hi Matt, There are a lot of videos out there that cost a bit so I have been a bit reluctant to purchase them, e.g. am I going to get value for money? I trusted your recommendation to try these ones and I have made a start and I am more then happy.

  4. Very easy to download and save. Thanks!

  5. I found the tutorials to be very good for the beginner, and while I am not a beginner I did find the odd snippet that helped with my workflow also. The are very informative and helpful, well worth the few $$ asked for.

    The plugin actions I have looked at so far seem mostly to do with Text effects, But I am still to work through these and am sure there will be some worthwhile ones with in the collection.

    Thank you for the opportunity to purchase and use these, all very handy tools to help with the photographers workflow.

  6. Having dealt with computers for over thirty years and photography for the last six, a lot of my associates assumed I knew Photoshop really well.

    Well I hated it. It was clumsy, complicated and not useful to me at all.

    Until I started working through these tutorials. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t love Photoshop but am now starting to like it.

    If it wasn’t for what I have learnt from these tutorials I might have moved away from photography or onto a lesser program. I can’t praise these tutorials enough.

  7. These are terrific!!! I can understand them much better them the instructions that came with Photoshop.

    I have had Photoshop for over a year and hadn’t used it properly as the instructions were for those who already knew how to use it. I watched the first tutorial several times and then did what it said. I am now working my way down the list

    Thank you!

  8. Still working my way through the tutorials but yes, I found them quite helpful. I’m reasonably familiar with Photoshop but managed to pick up a few things I didn’t know which was helpful. I’m sure I shall continue to do so with the remainder of the tutorials.

  9. I currently have Photoshop Elements 12. Will these tutorials be helpful for me?

    • Hi Elaine, yes, most definitely. They focus on the process of each step rather than the specific tool, and you have the exact same images to work with, so it’s a simple matter of following along and finding the tool in your software that does the same job, and then copying how he applies it. As it is, I think you’ll find Elements has most of these same tools there anyway. Regards, Matt

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